ROAR Reporting:
The Best Marketing Decisions

Patch Your Sales Leak With Comprehensive
Coverage and Reporting

Stop hoping the conventional marketing method everyone else is using will somehow translate into something special for you. 90% of website visitors use phone calls or web forms to make initial contact, but close to 0% of marketing companies can capture these leads in their reports.

Introducing ROAR.

ROAR Reporting: The Solution to
The Conventional Report

With ROAR reporting, we help you –and only you (see our non-compete statement here)—generate the best leads by catching sales opportunities most internet marketing companies let drip away. Our comprehensive and game-changing data-capture techniques effectively track and analyze the effectiveness of:

Organic Trafic

Pay-Per-Click Traffic

Phone Calls

Web Forms

Chat Messages

Offline Ads

Online Transactions

The result: You know quickly how effective your forms are, which PPC campaigns are raking in the dough, and which ones to throw out. Want to know how it works?

Improve Your Reporting Rapport

You know most marketing reports are unable to produce significant return on the investment (or ROI) made to sustain them. With ROAR Reporting, we’re expert ROI-getters. Not only do we earn our ROI, but we show you what parts of your marketing budget are earning theirs, which leads to crystal clear insights on how to improve your sales.

Testing, Testing


Call recording makes it easy to qualify your leads, coach your staff, and improve your customer service. Easily review and annotate your phone calls with our improved and turnkey recording methods.

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ROAR: Reporting That Speaks to You

When your phone rings, you’ll know exactly whether the customer on the other end searched for you on the internet, or which keyword brought them in. How? It’s simple.

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Simple and Powerful.

Let us do the heavy lifting: ROAR provides comprehensive marketing and reporting solutions.


Click and See

Improve the value of each lead by being prompted to qualify them when you interact.


Analytics Integration


We not only track your lead, we send the call data to your Google’s analytics account, making your conversion reporting analytics more comprehensive and representative of your success.


PPC Tracking

We follow your pay-per-click campaign, and every time it generates a call or conversion we shoot that data back to AdWords, and it shows up on your AdWords console.